Friday, January 20, 2012

How To Make Life Abusrd

Are you missing absurdity in your life? A lot of people are. Many have lost their religion. Without religion people tend to have lives void of ritual process and tend not to pray. Prayer is said to be necessary to maintain the immortality of the gods and without gods there is sufficient reason why a life should be lacking in absurdity. People professing to be atheists are missing out on the ancient absurdities of the gods and their whims. No we are not talking about Jesus Christ, we are talking about the gods that give life it's wholesome absurdity, Greek gods, monkey gods, naturalist spirit animation gods and gods that fill life with all the necessary absurdity to make it worth living.

One notices that people who loose their religion and swear it off as nonsense tend to look for new gods to fill the void of their lost religion. The whole new age movement is built on the premise of not having enough nonsense and absurdity in life and yearning for it because the soul seems to thrive on absurdity.

You will notice that people who join far out cults tend to find new experimental religions while the completely godless go out and seek to find excuses to invent reasons for absurd obsessive compulsive activities. That is why you see so many people religiously recycling household trash even when it costs more energy and resources to recycle it than is conserved by just thowing it away. So many people have so little absurdity in their lives that they go out seeking alternatives to absurdity. This is one reason the culture of experimental and recreational drugs have such a great cashe in the culture of society. Drug use from Pot to LSD simulates absurdity in life in a way that forces it by vitutue of chemical reactions which removes the choice from the absurdity experienced. This is called "recreation". Loosing free will to simulate choice of absurdity may be a poor choice of personal options which is why the word "experimentation" is used to describe the drug addict's habbits.

The alternative to getting more absurdity in life is to live an absurd life . One way to do this is to find the abusurdity of every day life and draw it into one's body in every breath. This is often found in what we call in our society "entertainment" which is considered to be the enjoyable wasting of one's time. Wasting time for the sake of wasting it may be as absurd as working to hard in the expectation that hard work may ultimately result in something less than absurd. Seeking the completely absurd with a sense of humor may strike a better balance between having little or no absurdity in life and being too serious verses a life wasted trying to waste time away praying to keep entertainment entertaining. When everything starts making too much sense that is when life is over. Pure absurdity may lead to permanent immortality just because there is no finality in absurdity.